Watching The Horologists INF385T Design Synthesis

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2.3 Temporal Zoom

Temporal Zoom is similar to semantic zoom in that it allows you to systematically examine the watch through different perspectives, in this case over the course of the watch's lifetime as an object owned by an individual. This sort of end-to-end thinking can be mapped on to all kinds of products or systems and help designers understand how the object may change over time in different temporal contexts.

Below are 7 different temporal diagrams representing different temporal "zoom levels". The "zero" zoom level is the phase of watch ownership that overlaps with my contextual studies with the horologists expanded to include everyday use and maintenance. From this zero stage I extrapolate previous and later phases of ownership beginning with the triggers to initially obtain a watch and ending with termination of ownership.

My temporal maps are far less detailed than my semantic diagrams mainly because they are products of my own perceptions of watch ownership rather than direct observation and research.

Zoom Level -3 Desire

This map represents the factors that may play into sparking interest in watch ownership. These concepts precede the actual research and purchasing phases.

Zoom Level -2 Research

Here are the ways a person who wishes to own a watch might research or be influenced towards the purchase of a particular watch. This diagram reflects my actual experience in researching watches from an initial starting point of no knowledge.

Zoom Level -1 Purchase

Purchasing the watch itself offers a lot of options. Here I've captured some of the concepts in play during the purchase process. I was looking for used vintage watches so confidence in the seller played a big role in my decision-making.

Zoom Level ZERO Ownership

This level of zoom corresponds to my aggregate concept map but has been expanded to cover the concepts of watch ownership and maintenance as a phase in the lifecylce of watches and a person's relationship with them as objects.

Zoom Level +1 Bequeath

This is a playful diagram exploring the concept of how a watch might change hands in an inheritance or transfer of family heirloom situation.

Zoom Level +2 Lose Interest

This phase examines how and why a watch may fall out of favor and end up unused or sold.

Zoom Level +3 Dispose

This is the fitting final temporal phase of watch ownership, dismissal.