Watching The Horologists INF385T Design Synthesis

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2.2 Semantic Zoom

This method of analysis expands on the Aggregate Concept Map which captures the complexity of the watchmakers' workspace by documenting the objects, ideas and relationships they interact with. We consider that diagram to be the "Zero" level in a continuum of diagrams which focus on both more specific, and more general, levels of concept mapping. The derivative diagrams help to place the "zero" level in context and facilitate awareness of surrounding structures.

These maps differ greatly in complexity based on how much actual data or experience I have for any given semantic level of analysis.

Zoom Level -3 Luxury Items

This map represents the luxury goods market including watches. The concepts here were created by asking 5 adults to name as many luxury items as they could.

Zoom Level -2 Watch Market

Zooming out further from the watch store is the watch market itself. These concepts capture the players in the market as a whole.

Zoom Level -1 Watch Store

The total watch/jewelry shop where I conducted my research. It contains both watch and jewelry repair shops along with all of the business, admin and customer service functions needed to run the business.

Zoom Level ZERO The Watch Repair Shop

Base level zero diagram, same as my initial aggregate concept diagram. This is the Work area used by 4 horologists. It details the equipment and relationships and mirrors loosely the actual physical organization of the shop.

Zoom Level +1 Horologists' Workbench

A visual concept diagram incorporating limited spatial information. Based on an aggregate of all of the workbenches of the watchmakers at various times, particularly in mid-task. I tried to represent the relationships of tools and work with proximity and grouping and hints of workflow.

Zoom Level +2 The Watch

This detailed diagram tries to tie the concepts of motive power, power transmission, reception and regulation to the physical systems that carry out those functions. This particular diagram focuses on an idealized auto-wind watch.

Zoom Level +3 Time

Embedded in the controlled oscillation of the balance wheel and escapement is the core concept of measured time. This abstract view of time examines the relationship between uniform movement, measurement of time, and the cultural abstractions and technology that it supports.